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Iowa high school students building skills through home building Dec. 3rd, 2019

ROCK RAPIDS, Iowa (KTIV) — The sounds of construction are in full swing in Rock Rapids, Iowa.

But, you won’t see any workers over the age of 20 at this site. At Central Lyon High School, the students are building homes.

“We knew we wanted to get into building construction, but kind of building a house from the get-go is kind of a big task and so we decided well let’s try tiny house,” said Central Lyon High School Industrial Technology Instructor Grant Engel.

The idea just continued to get bigger each year in the “building trades” program at the high school.

Students built their first 20-foot tiny house four years ago. The next year, it was a 24 footer, and last year they built a 41-foot tiny home.

Article Source KTIV

One Eighty is about to do something small (but big) Sept. 13th, 2019

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Looking out over the vacant lots of Davenport’s west side, One Eighty executive director Rusty Boruff got his next big idea.

Well, small idea.

“That’s where the idea of tiny houses came from,” Boruff said.

One Eighty has already started acquiring lots in Davenport’s west end so you could start seeing tiny homes pop up by next spring. The first will be in a lot behind One Eighty.

Article Source QuadCities

Tiny homes may become permissible in rural Harrison County August 31st, 2019

Tiny houses, defined as residential dwellings measuring 400 square feet or less, yet on a permanent foundation, will soon be permissible in Harrison County.

“They are becoming more popular,” said Matt Pitt, Harrison County Zoning Administrator.

Article Source Missouri Valley Times

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