Communities: New Hampshire

"But where can I park it?"

Our number one question is where can I park my tiny house. Visit THIA Partner to find more options across North America & around the world!


Community Type

MH — MH: Mobile home park that allows movable tiny homes.

MTH-Friendly RV Park — Movable Tiny Home-Friendly RV Park: RV park that welcomes movable tiny house for seasonal or extended stays.

PN — Tiny Home Pocket Neighborhood: A planned community that consists of clustered homes around a shared space; can apply to MTH or foundation-based TH.

R/H — Tiny Home Resort/Hotel: Primarily seasonal vacation rentals; some offer extended leases.

RV — Tiny Home Community: RV park model that only allows movable tiny homes and/or park models; typically a lot lease model.

Homes Welcomed

F — Foundation-based Tiny Home: A tiny home affixed to a foundation.

MTH — Movable Tiny Home: Tiny home on wheels.

PM — Park Mobile (RV): A tiny home that may be wider than the standard 8.5' movable tiny home; still considered an RV; transported by tractor trailer.

Development Stage

Concept — Developer has a community concept but is looking for land and/or seeking zoning approvals.

In Development — Community is actively being developed.

Open — Open for business.

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