THIA Welcomes Clever Tiny Homes!

Do you want a luxury tiny home built by a team who cares? Have you wished there were tiny houses for sale that cost less than 55k? 

If so, meet Clever Tiny Homes!

Their motto, High end, not high cost, says it all.

Clever Tiny Homes is rethinking the tiny home industry on so many levels. They have invested a ton of time into their manufacturing process to ensure they can deliver a high-quality tiny house to you without a price tag that will give you sticker shock.

Oh, and these homes are stunning.

If you value high-end finishes, and can’t decide between tiny houses with downstairs bedrooms or tiny houses with home offices, then Clever tiny homes is the builder for you. They have somehow managed to fit it all!

Did we mention that they include tiny house furniture in your build? They do.

Can you tell we’re fans?

You’re calling them, aren’t you?

Excellent. We like your style.

Do you want to learn more about Clever Tiny Homes?

They are available to connect on Facebook, and Instagram!

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