THIA Welcomes Byrd Houses!

Let’s start with the name Byrd Houses. Have you ever heard of a cuter name for a tiny house building company?!

Byrd Houses is just gearing up to go into production, but we are already fans of their work. We’re also happy to announce that they’ve joined us as a THIA commercial member! Please help us welcome them to the team.

Like we said, Byrd Houses is new, but the renderings of their tiny home designs are amazing. Some even include tiny home offices! 

We’re also very impressed with Byrd Houses’ Instagram page. It serves as a “vision board” of sorts, and wow, do we love their taste! If you are a fan of cozy cabins and luxury, Byrd Houses is probably the tiny home builder for you. The homes they feature feel homey and expensive, which is a blend we can’t get enough of.

So what do you think? Is there a tiny home in your future? If so, you’ll want to give Byrd Houses a call. We have a feeling they’ll be booked up soon!

Do you want to learn more about Byrd Houses? They are available to connect on Facebook and Instagram!

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