Builders: Michigan

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Type of Product

C — Custom Tiny Home (RV): Movable tiny home; built to customer’s design specs.

F — Foundation-based TH (aka: modular or industrailized buildings): A little wider than most movable tiny homes (MTH); Considered to be more like a stick built home but still built in a factory to IRC Appendix Q and state’s modular building standards; transported by tractor trailer; not a mobile home, which is built to Federal HUD standards.

K/S — Tiny Home Kits/Shells: Tiny home kits (plans/materials) or shells (partially built); homes built by DIYers.

M — Tiny Home Models (RV): Movable tiny home; designs/models shown on builder’s website.

MTH — Moveable Tiny Home: Tiny home on wheels

PM — Park Model (RV): A tiny home that maybe wider than standard 8.5' movable tiny homes; still considered and RV; transported by tractor trailer.

Pre-Owned — :

Trailers — Tiny Home Trailers: Chassis/wheels for movable tiny home; used by Do It Yourself (DIYers).

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