THIA Welcomes Zero Damage!

Do you have plans to build a DIY tiny house? Or do you own a tiny home building company that is just getting started? Either way, you have to meet our latest THIA commercial member, Zero Damage! We’re so grateful to have them on our team.

Zero Damage creates steel frame kits that allow you to build buildings easily. Their proprietary pieces fit together like Tinker Toys to make the design and assembly process a snap. And at a fraction of the cost!

Zero Damage Kits can be used to build everything from tiny houses to sunshades and even larger commercial buildings, pending certification. They can be put together on-site, and unlike other types of prefab homes, Zero Damage kits can be assembled without expensive machinery or highly-skilled labor. 

So what do you think? Do you need a plug-and-play tiny house frame to get you up and running? If so, just call our friends at Zero Damage, and your tiny home will be underway before you know it! 

Do you want to learn more about Zero Damage? They are available to connect on Facebook and Instagram!

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