Smithville, Texas Wants Public Comment On Tiny Homes

Call To Action : Should Smithville Adopt Appendix Q?

Smithville, Texas- Has put out the call for public comment on tiny homes and are requesting interested parties to fill out their survey. I have reached out and asked them if they only want local residents. I will be updating

Smithville, Texas Wants To Know What You Think About Bringing Tiny Homes in Smithville

Tiny Home Survey

The City of Smithville is seeking public input regarding Tiny Homes.  Your feedback is extremely valuable as the City Council considers the issue to allow (or not to allow) Tiny Homes within our community.
Please complete the following SURVEY  The ten (10) question survey will take 3-5 minutes to complete.
What is a “Tiny Home”? After an intense vetting and a three-stage voting process in 2017, the International Code Council (ICC) approved the definition of a Tiny Home for use in the International Residential Code (IRC) Appendix Q: A “Tiny House” is a dwelling that is 400 square feet (37 sq m) or less in floor area excluding lofts. For more information about the code, see:

Additional Appendix Q Information

Deadline Is August 8th, 2019


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