Illinois Tiny Home News

Illinois Tiny Home News

Chicago may allow more granny flats amid affordability crisis Jan, 20, 2020

Chicago doesn’t love accessory dwelling units, but it may need them to help combat the city’s growing affordable housing problem.

ADUs — also called coach houses or granny flats — are living spaces that are separate from the main living space in the home, and there are an estimated 2,400 in Chicago. Still, city zoning officials strongly dislike them, and have previously prevented further construction of the units.

But with the city facing a crisis of affordability, the Urban Land Institute is looking into whether expanding the number of ADUs could be one of the solutions, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Article Source The Real Deal

Yorkville City Council Approves New Building Codes Sept. 25th, 2019

Co-op: Thousands of coach houses possible here  August 1st, 2019

Co says of the roughly 10,000 single family house lots in the city, the research found 4,700 could accommodate a coach house.

Article Source Evanston Now

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