THIA Welcomes BiGBLiSS Tiny Homes!

Custom tiny home builders can be tough to come by— especially those with experience! 

That’s why our team at THIA is so excited to introduce you to Traci. Traci is the founder,

owner, designer, and builder behind BiGBLiss Tiny Homes.

Traci is a THIA commercial member, and not only does she build tiny homes, but she actually lives tiny herself! 

BiGBliss Tiny Homes is based in Tacoma, Washington, but since tiny homes on wheels can be moved anywhere you can take yours anywhere you find your big bliss.

One thing that sets BiGBLiSS Tiny Homes apart from other companies is the level of craftsmanship. These homes have that expensive, homey feeling one gets from a cabin built with love. There is no factory-feel because there is no factory involved. 

So if you’ve been looking for a tiny home built by an experienced individual who will take your back-of-the-napkin plans and turn it into the custom tiny home of your dreams, you’ll want to give Traci at BiGBLiSS Tiny Homes a call!

Do you want to learn more about BiGBLiSS Tiny Homes? They are available to connect on Facebook, and Instagram!

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