Dr. Maria Saxton

Founder Of Tiny Life Innovators And Independent Consultant

Dr. Maria Saxton recently received her Ph.D. in Environmental Design & Planning with a concentration on Bio-Inspired Buildings from Virginia Tech  Her doctoral research involved exploring how the ecological footprints and behaviors of tiny home downsizers change, showing how tiny homes are a holistic sustainable housing solution.
These results have been used by tiny home policy advocates in both the United States and abroad to help move advance policy change. Her other research experience includes research on tiny home communities for low-income individuals, green home certifications, and corporate sustainability programs and success strategies.
Currently, Maria is working on developing a startup to drive innovation and expand knowledge in the tiny home industry (NANO – Tiny Life Innovators). She is passionate about fostering research efforts in the tiny home field and is creating a resource to help future researchers and policy advocates get the most up-to-date information available on the tiny home population.
 She is also an independent consultant, helping to develop tiny home communities in her home state of Virginia. Maria is also leading an effort in Floyd, VA (Floyd Tiny Home Innovators) to generate local interest and provide collaborative opportunities between local stakeholders and tiny home enthusiasts through events, workshops, and more.
Phone: 540-929-1782 | 908-528-6772